Yes4All – Heavy Duty Pull Up Bar for Crossfit Training



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  • 1. 25 inch thick heavy steel chin bar: Yes4All wall mount bar is made of heavy steel to ensure safety and stability. Solid steel construction to handle the demands of seasoned athletes and hobbyists alike.
  • High Weight Capacity: Our wall mount bar can support up to 500 pounds of weight, ensuring maximum performance for a long time, even after long and heavy use.
  • 29 ” Wall Cleaning – Maximum distance for a greater variety of exercises, including chins, push-ups, rings, and push-ups. Ideal space to train with accessories such as abdominal straps and gym rings.
  • HIGH QUALITY POWDER COATED FINISH – The powder coat finish will not become slippery like chrome or shiny competitors. The best surface finish guarantees many years of hard use even for the most demanding athletes.
  • Quick and easy installation: can be installed vertically or horizontally. Compatible with all wood and concrete floors or ceilings. The complete package includes all the mounting accessories to securely hang the chin bar in place in a flash.

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C. Very resistant.


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