Venus Radiant Skin Starter Kit & Refill Bundle (5 ct.)
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Venus Radiant Skin Starter Kit & Refill Bundle (5 ct.)



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Venus’s Radiant Skin is the 1st razor that has 5 Nuluxe blades and an Olay moisturizer dispensing button, allowing moisturization while shaving. Dermatologists recommend moisturizing your skin while it’s still damp to lock in hydration. So, we partnered with the beauty scientists at Olay to help us design the perfect solution for soft and silky post-shave skin. 

A luxurious moisturizer inspired by the sea and crafted with a hint of minerals flows from your razor at the press of a button. It is the only razor able to moisturize the skin when is still damp, creating a protective layer that will break the cycle of dryness and allow for a soft and smooth skin. Our fragrance-free Seaweed & Aloe moisturizer is also suitable for sensitive skin. 

How to use instructions: 1) Click your blades and moisturizer into the handle, 2) Press the button to release the moisturizer, 3) Shave and press the button again every few strokes to release more moisturizer, and 4) Rinse and enjoy exfoliated, smooth and moisturized skin. 

Venus Radiant Skin pack includes one women’s razor handle, five refill cartridge blades, and five Seaweed & Aloe Olay moisturizer refills. Experience a formula developed by Olay scientists to lock in moisture with our Olay Moisture Serum. Shave like you skincare.


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