Tramontina 12.5″ Covered Cast Iron Skillet
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Tramontina 12.5″ Covered Cast Iron Skillet



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Tramontina’s Pre-Seasoned Covered Cast Iron Skillet is perfect for any cooking technique, including frying, searing and baking. Prized by cooks for its superior heat retention and even cooking, this cast iron pan features a heavy-gauge, pre-seasoned wide cooking surface that’s ideal for browning and slow braising. Sturdy handles make lifting and moving the pan more manageable, while the solid, stainless-steel knob allows you to use the pan in the oven up to 550° F.@generatedThis durable pan is versatile for stovetop, oven and outdoor use, with self-basting condensation ridges on the lid that uniformly collect and direct vapors onto your food for moist, savory dishes. Tramontina’s pre-seasoned cast iron skillet is engineered and manufactured with the finest design, materials and workmanship, outperforming similar products within the market. This product delivers the best quality and value to the cooking professional and enthusiast alike.

  • Durable cast iron with a pre-seasoned finish
  • Versatile for stove top, oven and outdoor use
  • Oven safe up to 550° F


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