Schmidt’s mouthwash Coconut + Aloe, 16 oz



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Schmidt’s Fluoride Free Mouthwash is a refreshing blend of coconut oil and botanical extracts like goji berry and pomegranate that leaves your mouth clean and feeling fresh. This gentle, plant-based, fluoride-free formula includes superfoods, vitamins and plant extracts like vitamin E, aloe, coconut oil, and tea tree. Schmidt’s oral care formulas, for both kids and adults, use innovative ingredients derived from plants and minerals that will help you feel good, your mouth feel clean, and your breath smell great. Schmidt’s fluoride free mouthwash is formulated without SLS, alcohol, triclosan, and artificial sweeteners, flavors, and dyes. Plus, Schmidt’s oral care is always certified vegan and cruelty-free. Schmidt’s Coconut + Aloe Mouthwash is a mild tropical coconut flavor balanced with an undertone of cool mint—no artificial flavoring here! The cool and tropical flavor helps complete this extraordinary new oral care formula powered by special ingredients and unique flavors you just don’t see in everyday mouthwash. To use, place a small amount of mouthwash in mouth and swish vigorously for 60 seconds. Then, extract mouthwash into your sink, and enjoy that fresh clean feeling. This product is not intended to be swallowed. Supervise as necessary. For children under 6, consult a dentist or physician.


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