SafeTouch Hygiene Multi-Tool 2-Pack
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SafeTouch Hygiene Multi-Tool 2-Pack



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SafeTouch is the leading manufacturer of hygiene multi-tools. With style and function, design and prevention in mind, we set out to create an innovative tool for today’s complex environment. The small but sturdy SafeTouch Hygiene Multi-Tool 2-Pack allows you to navigate the world without touching germy surfaces that spread infection. SafeTouch has an antimicrobial powder coating. The unique design allows you to open doors, push or pull and the touchscreen stylus is perfect for use on all digital touchscreens at store checkouts, the ATM, fuel pumps and more. It easily attaches to a key chain and has a built-in bottle opener that is also useful for opening boxes and packages. The perfect solution for keeping everyone safe, SafeTouch is manufactured in the US and made with the highest quality.

  • Zinc, silicone rubber, antimicrobial powder-coated
  • Compatible with all touchscreens
  • Precision manufactured from the highest quality aerospace-grade metal
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Built-in bottle opener, also useful for opening boxes and packages


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