Gaiam Evolve Balanceboard
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Gaiam Evolve Balanceboard



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  • Increases productivity by keeping the body active and mind focused
  • Non-slip texture provides a secure base
  • Can be used on hard floors or carpeting
  • Low-impact movement activates back, core, leg and ankle muscles
  • Durable and built to lastYour afternoon slump has finally met its match. Built for any standing desk, the Evolve Balance Board from Gaiam challenges the stabilizing muscles of the back, core and legs while you work. Its ergonomic design, with neutral ankle-foot positioning, and non-slip honeycomb texture provide a safe platform, on hard floors or carpeting, for engaging the body and the mind. Low-impact movements keep the body active which helps to activate the mind, improving focus and boosting productivity while working at a desk. This standing board measures 27″(L) x 12″(W) x “3.65”(H) and weighs just 6.35 pounds so use it at home or bring it to the office.


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