EcoScapes 24’ LED Color-Changing Café String Lights (12 bulbs) by Enbrighten



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Light the way to a better world with EcoScapes LED Color-Changing Café Lights. These commercial-grade lights will keep your outdoor spaces looking bright, colorful and stylish–all year long. Thanks to environmentally and economically efficient LED technology, you won’t even have to replace a bulb. These high-quality café lights provide you with 16 vibrant colors and different ways to showcase your own personal style. In addition to enjoying a single bold color, you can mix it up with any two-color combination. You can also select from multiple preset color modes to fit any special occasion or holiday such as patriotic red, white and blue, festive fall colors or red and green for the winter season.

Simple and Efficient

Set-up and operation of the EcoScapes LED Color-Changing Café Lights has been made simple and as hassle-free as possible. Use the included remote to select from several preprogrammed effect modes that include dimming, fading and strobing. If you have a specific timeframe in mind, utilize the built-in two and four-hour timeout feature. Each bulb is made from durable acrylic and designed to withstand impact and severe weather. Flexible mounting keyholes are also specifically designed to allow you have plenty of placement options.

Funds a Water Charity

Illuminating your home in style with these wonderfully vibrant Café Lights is only a small part of what happens when invest in this product. Your EcoScapes purchase also helps make a difference in the world, as 50% of net proceeds go to support Water4. This 501(coffee) 3 charity is committed to eliminating the world water crisis that impacts nearly 2 billion people and causes hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths each year. Every time your EcoScapes LED Color-Changing Café Lights turn on, it will serve as a small reminder of the people whose lives were made just a little bit easier by your small act of kindness.


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