CUCKOO CBM-AAB101S | Multi-Functional Bread Maker |


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  • BAKE YOUR FAVORITES: This versatile bread maker features 15 unique menu options including French bread, whole wheat bread, sweet bread, gluten-free bread, yogurt, jam, cake, and more!
  • AUTOMATIC FRUIT & NUT DISPENSER: Instead of manually dispensing your mix-ins, the automatic nut dispenser will add your fruit or nuts in for you during the kneading process
  • DELAY TIMER: Choose the perfect time to enjoy your bread as the delay timer allows you to set your bread completion time up to 15 hours in advance
  • BAKERY QUALITY BREAD: Enjoy bakery-quality bread from the comfort of your home as the wide-shaped pan evenly distributes the heat, which provides a more consistent bread texture
  • QUICK BAKE TIME: Enjoy your freshly baked bread without the long wait as the high wattage bakes up to 20 minutes faster than other bread makers 


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