Clorox Pool&Spa Sink to Clear Flocculant for Swimming Pools, 32 oz



Clorox Pool&Spa Sink to Clear Flocculant clears severely cloudy pool water fast, leaving you with a crystal clear pool. This product is perfect for clearing your pool after killing heavy algae or opening a pool filled with large particles. Flocculant makes impurities like dead algae, debris, and other matter heavier and sink to the pool floor. Once the impurities have settled at the bottom of the pool, vacuum the debris to waste. Return to swimming once water is crystal clear and balanced. Different than a clarifier, this swimming pool flocculant is primarily designed to help clear up your pool when it’s full of particles that need to be collected. These particles often get into your pool from rain, water runoff, leaves getting in the pool or an algae bloom. Partner this pool flocculant with other Clorox Pool&Spa products Clorox Pool app to keep your pool crystal clear and swim-ready the entire season.

Clorox Pool&Spa Sink to Clear Flocculant, 32 oz:Clears severely cloudy water
Sinks debris, dead algae and large particles to pool floor
Use for a quick vacuum clean up
Available in 32 oz