Store Policy


 All items can only be redeemed for store credits within 7 days. If the item has a valid receipt and is in the same state, only the exchange item is accepted. If the item you purchased does not have a receipt, it will not be changed. Items in the liquidation are not eligible for exchange and are considered final sales. Bras and underwear are sold as they are and are eventually sold.



Store credits are valid for 30 days. To receive a store credit, you must have a valid receipt with items purchased within the last 7 days.



We do not provide refunds for purchased items, you can only replace items with items that are equal to or less than the equivalent, or get the store credit for the item.



We accept cash, credit and debit cards. However, we only accept Visa or Mastercard.



Our inventory includes new items, remaining inventory, settlement, unpacking, recycling and customer returns from national retailers. We are not responsible for any unattended property. Avoid carrying large bags or backpacks, because large bags or backpacks are not allowed in stores unless there are special circumstances (such as diaper bags). We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.