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Motion sensors alert you to unwanted intruders. It’s got a human heat-mapping algorithm, so it detects people, not pets. It’s designed to disappear into a room. You won’t notice it. Intruders will. Note: This product only works with SimpliSafe packages like the 10 piece DIY Home Security Kit.

  • Compatible with a SimpliSafe security system: This product only works with SimpliSafe packages.
  • Fit on all types of doors and windows: The included magnet detects when the door or window is opened. The magnet can be placed up to 2″ from the sensor.
  • Easy to install: Like all SimpliSafe tech, the entry sensor is easy to add to your system. Place it on the frame of any door or window you want. Then tap “Add Device” on your keypad. You’re ready to go.
  • Door chime: When your system is off and a door or window opens, the Base Station will sound a door chime so you’ll know someone’s entering.
  • Battery Pre-installed: The entry sensor battery is included. It’s ready to work right out of the box. And lasts several years.


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