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The NOCO BOOST ULTRASAFE Jump Starter Kit is a portable lithium-ion battery pack that jump starts a dead battery in seconds. it features a patented safety technology that provides spark-proof connections and reverse polarity protection, making it safe and easy for anyone to use. It has a rechargeable lithium-powered flashlight with seven light modes, including SOS and emergency strobe. With multiple luminosity settings, it’s immediately adaptable to a variety of situations. Using the powerful wash light will help you see your engine, help you change a tire at night or even warn oncoming traffic when you’re in need of roadside assistance.

Powerful and Portable

The GB10S is a powerful battery booster that also doubles as a portable power source for recharging USB devices like a smartphone, tablets and more. It’s designed for a car, boat, motorcycle, recreational vehicle and more with gas engines up to 4 liters. The kit contains a jump starter, a plastic carrying case and a USB charging cord.

How to Use it

When using the GB10S for the first time, first verify the voltage and chemistry of your battery. Then connect the X-connect clamps to the jump starter, if not already connected. Confirm the battery clamps are connected to the correct polarity battery terminals. Then disable the vehicle’s accessories, making sure the vehicle’s power loads (headlights, radio, a/c, etc) are turned off before attempting to jump start the vehicle. Press the power button to be jump starting. If your clamps are connected correctly, the four led lights will begin to chase. If they are connected incorrectly, the error light will illuminate. When everything is connected properly, try to start your vehicle. If it does not start immediately, wait 20-30 seconds and try again. Allow the jump starter to rest for 15 minutes between jump starts. Once your vehicle has started, disconnect the clamps and remove the jump starter and place back into provided case.


  • 7.7″ x 3.2″ x 1.7″
  • Plastic
  • For use with 12v lead acid batteries up to 4.0 liter engines
  • Protective case, USB charging cable
  • 24 watt-hour lithium -ion battery