HP 940 Laminator
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HP 940 Laminator



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The HP 940 Laminator will soon become the benchmark for office laminators. It has three temperature settings at the touch of a button. Using the Mode button, you can choose the cold setting which accepts cold laminating pouches, or the 3 mil or 5 mil setting for hot lamination. The HP 940 will automatically provide the perfect temperature. No matter what setting you choose, the 4-roller system will provide a clean, high-quality seal, free of unwanted bubbles.

The large 9.17” opening will accept laminating pouches up to 9” wide. The folding guide tray provides a stable platform for your project to enter the laminator at the correct angle. The guide markings on the front, ensure you to align the correct size pouch with the correct entry point. 

The easy to use control panel also offers a Forward / Reverse setting. This feature allows you to safely back out your project in the unlikely event of a jam.

The HP 940 comes with a laminating pouch starter kit. The kit includes; letter size pouches, 4×6 photo size pouches and business card size pouches.


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