Geek Aire 12 Inch Rechargeable Outdoor High Velocity Fan
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Geek Aire 12 Inch Rechargeable Outdoor High Velocity Fan



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GeekAire CF 1 is a new generation utility rechargeable fan with impressive performance. The 12 in. metal fan blade and powerful brushless DC motor deliver high performance airflow of up to 1500 CFM, which is comparable to a AC power 12 in. high velocity fan. It is designed in IPX4 standard for outdoor condition; you can use it in outdoor scenarios like jobsite, camping, fishing, sporting and party etc.

  • CF1 is built with high quality lithium-ion battery of 15600mAh, which is able to provide a continuous run time of up to 24 hours. It also comes with a 24VAC power charger for your need of indoor use when there is a AC power outlet. The power charger can fully recharge the fan within 4-5 hours. Furthermore, the fan can be used as a complementary power bank when necessary. Plug in the USB output at the side of control box to recharge your smart phones and digital devices
  • This fan is with variable speed setting, just rotate the one-knob control at the bank to set the desired speed. You can also observe the battery power by LED indicator lights. The fan is also with an adjustable tilting angle of up to 120°. You can easily adjust the air direction in different cases
  • 4-24 hours run time (varies by speed setting) to support your day
  • 12 in. metal fan blade
  • Max 1500 CFM high performace airflow
  • IPX4 (Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect, utilizing either: a) an oscillating fixture, or b) A spray nozzle with no shield) water resistant, ideal for outdoor jobsite, camping, sporting scenarios
  • One-knob easy control, variable speed settings for accurate control. With LED battery gauge indicator on control box. 120° tilting angle, adjust air directions at your need. With anti-slip rubber feet to ensure safety
  • A versatile fan with power bank function – extra USB output for recharging your smart phones and digital devices. (USB cable not included)


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