Dollar Shave Club, 6-Blade Razors
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Dollar Shave Club, 6-Blade Razors



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Dollar Shave Club’s grooming products were made with your skin and hair in mind, and as part of our mission to help guys look, feel, and smell their best. We firmly believe that after shave should never be an afterthought. Try Dollar Shave Club Soothing Post Shave Dew to finish your shave out strong. Formulated to soothe and hydrate freshly shaved skin, Post Shave Dew is an ideal moisturizer for anyone wanting a quick boost of hydration after a shave. In fact, it’s the ultimate low-maintenance moisturizer, with a fast absorbing formula that doesn’t leave any greasy residue on skin. Aftershave doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, sticky, or greasy because Post Shave Dew is super comfortable, soothing, and absorbs quickly. Formulated with Oat Extract, Aloe Leaf Juice and Vitamins A, C and E, Post Shave Dew is hydrating and suitable for sensitive skin. Now that you’ve landed on your post shave solution, make sure to check out one of our razors, or any of the favorite products of our Members, such as Shave Cream or Shave Butter. Whatever you choose, our mission has always been simple: to make top-shelf products that make your shaving routine as smooth as humanly possible.

  • Round out your perfect shave with Dollar Shave Club Soothing Post Shave Dew. An aftershave balm formulated to soothe and hydrate freshly shaved skin.
  • All the hydration you need, with no leftover greasiness. Help relieve any post shave irritation or razor burn with a formula that absorbs quickly.
  • Experience calming, gentle relief for tender post shave skin. Dispense onto hands and apply to face and neck after shaving.
  • This after shave lotion is suitable for sensitive skin, and is formulated with Oat Extract, Aloe Leaf Juice and Vitamins A, C and E.
  • You already found a great post shave. Complete your shaving kit by checking out our razors and Shave Butter.
  • Dollar Shave Club’s got all the men’s grooming products you could possibly need to tackle any shave. Welcome to the Club.


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