Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III



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No, you’re not looking at a space telescope designed to carry pictures of distant galaxies—this is actually the CANON EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III (NON USM) USA lens. And even if it’s not going into space anytime soon, you’ll still be amazed at the features and capabilities that Canon was able to pack into this bad boy, ranging from a DC motor for the autofocus to 9 groups and 13 elements of design. If you want to grab a lens that allows you to zoom in for a range of effects, from background blurring and general depth tomfoolery to plenty of landscape power, you’ve found it.

  • Stunning landscape shots. A good landscape is a terrible thing to waste—and believe it or not, a lot of photographers don’t know how to match their lens to the proper shot. You won’t have to worry about that when utilizing your Canon 75-300mm lens. This lens is designed to handle a range of landscapes, whether you want to photograph your subject as a silhouette in a romantic sunset or grab plenty of low light in late-night city and landscapes. The closest focusing distance of 4.9 feet shows you exactly how well suited this lens is for those far-off shots that don’t quite work with an ordinary lens.
  • Surprising angle of view. A telephoto lens is not a wide angle of view lens—otherwise, it wouldn’t be a telephoto lens. But you’ll be amazed at just how much raw imagery you can capture in your Canon 75-300mm lens. The 32-degree angle of view here offers plenty of range for picking up those far-off sunset shots without feeling cramped. In fact, you’ll find that you can craft wide and expansive landscapes even in low-light situations.
  • Autofocus with a DC motor. The usual USM is cast aside here in favor of a DC motor that’s high-functioning, giving you the automatic focus you need to simply grab a camera with the Canon 75-300mm lens and take a beautiful shot of that scenery you just noticed while on your hike. The autofocus won’t get in the way; instead, it will supplement your own tastes and eye as a photographer and allow you to focus on what matters, and that’s crafting the right shot.
  • Easy interchangeability means portability. One of the top-rated customer comments on the Canon 75-300mm lens is that it’s easily interchanged with the proper cameras, which makes this particular lens a great way to add some zoom capability to your photographer’s arsenal without sacrificing any convenience. If you need to switch from a short-focus lens to this zoom lens, you can easily switch them out without missing a beat, even if you’re working at a photography gig where every moment counts.


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